Nathalie Lubbe Bakker

Who is Nathalie Lubbe Bakker?

Remember the city trip of our minister of Defence, Pieter De Crem?

Well, this is the girl who announced his bar escapade on her blog.



“Even in New York, one can be surprised by the Belgian politics.
Yesterday, on a normal and calm Monday evening, I was working at the bar when suddenly we all heard someone, followed by a whole delegation, stumble down the stairs. I looked up and could not believe my eyes when I saw it was Pieter De Crem himself, minister of Defence, as tight as a drum.

We all know that Pieter De Crem is not an example of the Belgian pride, but what I saw yesterday was enough for me to feel really deeply ashamed to be a resident of Belgium.

From Adamo to The Strangers, they all had to be mentioned, because this is ‘what Belgium is all about: Flemish Sing-a-longs and beer’, according to De Crem.
With these wise words, he started singing about the ‘lights of defence (instead of the lights of the Schelde)’. In addition, other Flemish songs were transformed by the minister into considerably vulgar songs, for which he laughed the most.

However, the worst had yet to come!

During a conversation with his council, I asked what they had been doing in New York. ‘We are here for some meetings’, he said.
‘Ah, and what were they about?’ I asked.
‘Well, in fact they were cancelled, because the rest of the UN is in Geneva at the moment.’
So the minister was here and his appointments were in Geneva?

‘Ah, and what were they about?’ I asked.
‘Oh yes we did, but Brussels is very quiet at the moment, and I hadn’t seen New York before’.
And there I was, completely taken by surprise.
It was good to know that the Belgian crisis didn’t reach the top of our politics!”
> End of quote. (original Dutch blog at

Why do I tell you all this?
First of all I know Nathalie as a person that would not tell this if it did not happen and secondly because with this event a big discussion arose about Professional Secrecy in the Hotel, Restaurant and Café business.

Did Nathalie have the right to talk about this, even if her blog is only meant for friends and family, or did she had to look the other way and pretend it never happened?
Strangely, you cannot find anything specific about Professional Secrecy in this sector.
Only a debate following this event mentioned on, and the interview you heard preceding this article.

According to this mister De Bauw, Secretary General of the Federation of the HORECA-sector, her resignation is legit. He sais that each bar or restaurant mentions a pledge of secrecy towards their clients and what they do there, in the labour regulations.

Maybe if he was not doing ‘that’ with money of the state, I would agree with him.

Interview: Luc De Bauw